The Adventure of Becoming a Dive Instructor on Gili Trawangan

On 22/06/2018 by Roza Tsvetkova

We all fondly remember our first breath underwater, but we also remember the teacher who gave us the knowledge and motivation to continue scuba diving. As we explore the underwater world and become better divers, many look to expand their skill set and find their next adventure. Becoming a scuba instructor is a great way to make your passion your career. Are you ready to take the next step and become a Dive Instructor on Gili Trawangan?

If so, we would like to congratulate you for considering this adventure! We’d also like to encourage you with a few reasons why this would be the experience of a lifetime, as well as tell you why joining us on Gili Trawangan is the best way to make it happen.

Travel the World While Diving

George smiling

Who doesn’t dream of discovering all the wonders of our beautiful world? Becoming a dive instructor gives you the exquisite opportunity to travel while practising your passion for diving. From the Arctic to the tropics – there are no limits on your chances to explore the underwater world as well as the unique cultures and nature surrounding it while working. In this way, you can enjoy your adventure without being worried about how to fund it. How cool is that? Start your adventure by making the trip to Gili Trawangan, or Gili T as we call our paradise!

Become a Teacher – Pay Forward the Dive Passion

Surface Skills

Being a dive instructor gives you the superpower of showing a completely new world to your students. You will be the one who helps them take their first breath underwater, introduces them to the cute ocean creatures and challenges them to fall in love with an amazing new hobby. Not many professions get that power, so use it wisely and enjoy your journey as a life-changing master.

Already hooked on the idea of being a dive instructor? If so, you’ll want to find the best place to learn and enjoy while becoming a pro. We invite you to consider joining us in the tropical paradise of Gili T. Below are few reasons why our island offers the perfect learning playground.

Enjoy the Island Life while Studying

Girls sunset

Close your eyes. Imagine your feet in the white puffy sand surrounded by pristine waters and inhabited by friendly sea turtles and gorgeous octopuses. This image perfectly describes Gili T, which could be your home while studying to become a dive instructor. This is a small paradise island where we walk barefoot and there are no motorized vehicles. Gili T offers the ultimate balance of calm serene life, mixed with the dynamics of great cafes, restaurants and fun parties. There is something for every mood, so you can enjoy your stay and studies! Oh yeah...don't forget about the epic sunsets.

Join a Vibrant Dive Community on Gili Trawangan

Girls that scuba day

Gili T has a long history of diving shops and the ultimate reputation as a scuba diving destination. The great underwater world and vibrant lifestyle have gathered top-notch diving enthusiasts from around the world. Therefore, living on the island can help you tap into the world-class knowledge and network of divers. And don’t forget the life-long friendships you'll make during your time here!

Tech Diving in a Nutshell

Discover Tech

If you are of a curious mind, you will probably be easily tempted into trying new things as a dive pro. Technical diving is extremely challenging but rewards brave divers by letting them push their limits and interact with the marine life on a different level. Gili T is a famous spot for tech divers who wish to explore the ocean in perfect conditions via closed circuit rebreather, twin tank or scooter while being guided by some of the best in the industry. Come and see it yourself!

There are a million other reasons why you should join us on Gili T, but the truth is that you have to experience this paradise island in order to understand it. You are always welcome to visit us at Manta Dive and we’ll be happy to introduce you to our social culture and excellent Instructor Training Course. Just reach out and we’ll share everything we know in order to help you take the next step.

Good luck and we hope to dive together soon!


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