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Freediving Gili

...Diving on a single breath

FreeDiveGili at Manta Dive was the first Freediving school in Indonesia, based on the island of Gili Trawangan close to Bali. Whether you are interested in competitive apnea, spearfishing, breath-holding for surfing or just improving your comfort in the water for snorkelling, our courses can help you achieve your goals. Freediving is a unique and natural way of experiencing the underwater world, swimming freely and silently and allowing you to get much closer to aquatic life without disturbing it.

Our Freediving Courses include theory sessions, breathing techniques, depth training sessions, fun dives, equipment and course materials.

Freediving Course Gili Trawangan

This is the introductory course teaching the fundamental skills of freediving. The objective is to achieve controlled freediving to a maximum depth of 20m by applying basic breathing and relaxation techniques (2-section breathing). An emphasis is also placed on safe diving practices.

Duration: 2 days

Static Apnea Training Gili Trawangan

On completion of the freediver course students can take the static apnea clinic, a comprehensive session that will maximize your breath holding ability. Students achieve breath holds of over 3 minutes.

Duration: 1 day

Advanced Freediver Course

An intensive course that teaches freedivers more advanced apnea techniques, arming students with the knowledge to conduct their own training and dive deeper and longer. Aims of this course include deep dives to depths between 30-40 meters and static breath holds of over 3 minutes.

Duration: 3 days