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Gili Trawangan - Meno - Air Faq

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What´s the best way to get to the Gilis from Bali?
We recommend using one of the Fast Boat services that operate daily between Bali, Lombok, Lembongan and the Gili Islands. To book a fast boat please either contact us or go to these following links: for the most reliable boats with the best track record click HERE or budget boats click HERE. You can also book directly with Blue Water Express using the discount code ‘manta10’  for a 10% discount.

Is there Malaria on the Gili Islands?
No, despite what you may have heard there is no malaria on the Gilis. Some areas in Lombok however are known to have it. If you have to take anti malarial medication don't use Larium, as in about 50% of cases it produces unpleasant side effects when combined with diving.

How can I pay and do I have to bring much cash?
We accept Visa/MasterCard and cash in IDR. We also accept USD, Euros and Australian Dollars. There are plenty of ATMs/cash points all around Gili Trawangan if you need to withdraw cash. 

Is Gili Trawangan safe for children?
There are no cars, motorbikes, in fact no motorised transport on Trawangan, so children are free to run around and play. Everything is very close together so there's no chance of getting lost. The locals are also very friendly and always keep an eye out, so finding a babysitter or nanny is never a problem.

Can we swim to the other Gilis?
While it is perfectly safe to swim and snorkel around the Gilis you should never try to swim to the next island, it is much further than it looks and the currents in the middle of the channel can be very strong even for the best of swimmers.

Are there police on the island?
Yes, their office is located just behind the harbour.

What else can I do other than diving?
Apart from the tourist attractions like temples and waterfalls, and the usual beach activities like sunbathing and snorkeling, you can go fishing, horse riding, water skiing, wake-boarding, yoga classes, free diving courses, and there is a surf break to the south of the island for the experienced surfer. If any of you are golfers there is a fantastic 18 hole course 10 minutes away in the speed boat. It's not a cheap day out when compared to everything else in Indonesia, but good value for western standards: transport, green fee, clubs, buggy, caddy, lunch and drinks will cost you about $100.