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Snorkeling & Free-diving for Kids

For kids too young to Scuba dive the Snorkelling and Free Diving Explorer programs are the perfect introduction to the underwater world around the Gili Islands

  • Age:
  • Duration:
    1 day
  • Max dive depth:
  • Price:
    1.600.000 IDR
Free diving and snorkeling Gili Islands

for kids too young to dive the snorkelling and free diving explorer programs are the perfect introduction to the underwater world.

Snorkeling and freediving for kids on Gili Trawangan, a great aquatic experience for kids too young to do the normal diver certification programs. Gives kids aged 6-8 the chance to learn the proper techniques for snorkelling and freediving before they can progress to scuba diving at the age of 8.  All under the supervision of our experienced scuba diving instructors and dive masters.

Snorkeling and Free-diving course info

Our Explorer programs are available in half day, full day or even multiple days. The programs are designed for children and their family. The whole family can join during all activities, or the children can follow the Explorer programs, while the rest of the family enjoy their own scuba diving courses.

The program starts with the Blue Oceans Explorer. This is a dry course, where they will learn about the oceans, ecosystems and conservation. Minimum age requirement for the Blue Ocean Explorer is 6 years old.

Then we’ll continue with the Snorkeling Explorer, where we will teach them about snorkeling equipment, skills and where we will play games practicing those skills in our pool.  Minimum age requirement for the Snorkelling Explorer is 6 years old.

After finishing the Blue Oceans Explorer and Snorkeling Explorer there is a wide range of specialty experiences available.   

Some of the options are the Ecology Explorer, Boat Explorer, Navigation Explorer, Night and Limited Visibility Explorer, Photo and Video Explorer and Underwater Communication Explorer. 

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