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Advanced Dive Course

Increase your diving opportunities, Dive deeper, Dive at night, Dive for longer. Take your diving to the next level and start sampling some specialty courses.

  • Age:
  • Duration:
    2 - 3 days
  • Max dive depth:
    30 meters
  • Price:
    5.400.000 IDR
Advanced Open Water Diver Course Gili Trawangan Manta Dive

already a qualified diver and ready for the next step? The Advanced Adventurer Certification will allow you to expand your skills and increase your confidence in the water.


Advanced Dive Course Gili Trawangan experience

Embark on the Advanced Dive Course in Gili Trawangan, known as the Advanced Adventurer Course, a captivating journey spanning 2-3 days. This course, with its minimal emphasis on theoretical aspects, offers a hands-on approach to scuba diving. Participants will consult with their instructors to select five specialty areas of focus. Popular choices include Night Diver, Nitrox Diver, and Underwater Naturalist. Essential components of this course include a Navigation dive and a Deep Specialty Dive, allowing exploration down to 30 meters.

Achieving the Advanced Diver Certification opens doors to dive sites globally, up to a depth of 30 meters. This advanced scuba certification enhances your confidence and independence underwater. The Gili Trawangan region, renowned for its exceptional diving between 20-30m depths, presents some of the best underwater experiences available.

Throughout the Advanced Dive Course Gili program, instructors focus on refining your diving skills. Key areas of improvement include buoyancy control, air consumption management, and overall safe diving practices.

advanced course at manta dive gili t

Advanced Dive Course Specialties overview

Underwater Navigation: Master the art of underwater navigation, utilizing both compass and natural landmark techniques.

Deep Dive: This mandatory dive extends your diving capabilities to 30 meters, broadening your underwater exploration opportunities.

Enriched Air Diving (Nitrox): This introductory module to Nitrox diving extends your bottom time and enhances safety. It includes training in oxygen content analysis and planning extended bottom time dives using Enriched Air. Completion of an additional Nitrox Dive postcourse leads to Nitrox certification.

Underwater Naturalist: Delve deeper into the marine environment and its diverse inhabitants around the Gili Islands.

Peak performance buoyancy: A specialized dive focused exclusively on perfecting buoyancy skills.

Drift Diving: Experience the thrill of being carried by currents along the reef, learning to navigate varying current strengths and directions.

Night Diving: Explore the nocturnal underwater world, learning crucial skills for safe and enjoyable night dives.

Computer Diving: Learn to maximize bottom time while maintaining safety using dive computers.

Marine Ecology: Understand the impact of human activities on coral reefs and marine ecosystems.

Shark Ecology: Gain insights into shark behavior and conservation, debunking common myths.

Underwater Digital Photography: Develop skills to capture underwater moments, considering the challenges of photographing marine life.

advanced course at manta dive gili t

advance course Prerequisites

Before you start your Advanced Adventurer Course, have a look at the following prerequisites.

    • For students up to 12 years old, the depth is limited up to a maximum of 12 meters
    • For students 12-14 years old, the depth is limited up to a maximum of 21 meters for the Adventure Deep Dive

What course Comes Next?

Upon completing the Advanced Dive Course Gili, divers are encouraged to gain more experience through diving. Options for further education and skill enhancement include:

  • Use your new certificate and go on a fun dive with Manta Dive to explore the deeper advanced dive sites
  • Become a Rescue Diver by joining us on a Stress and Rescue Course.

Advanced Dive Course FAQs

What is the duration of the Advanced Dive Course on Gili Trawangan?

The Advanced Adventurer Course comprises five dives over 2 or 3 days. Two dives—deep and navigation—are mandatory, while you select three from options like night, naturalist, nitrox, computer, buoyancy, or photography dives (camera rental extra). No exams or videos; it's all about diving. Each dive includes an extended briefing and debriefing with your instructor. Upon completion, you'll be certified to dive to 30m.

What is the cost of the Advanced Dive Course on Gili Trawangan?

The course price is Rp5,400,000 including equipment, instruction and certification. There is also a marine park fee which is a one-time payment of Rp150,000. This includes your Rp100,000 obligatory entrance fee and a Rp50,000 donation to the Gili Eco Trust.

What is the prerequisite for the Advanced Dive Course on Gili Trawangan?

To complete this course you have to have your Open Water Certification and be at least 12 years old.

Is there a minimum age requirement for the Advanced Dive Course on Gili Trawangan?

The minimum age for this course is 12, however the maximum depth 12-14 year olds is 21 metres.

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