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Scuba Ranger

Gili Trawangan divingAge 8+, theory, pool session and sea adventure.

This course is designed to introduce children aged 8 and up to breathing underwater who are not yet old enough to dive in the open water. A strong emphasis is made on safety and, while it teaches them the basic skills, most of the time in the pool is spent playing games and having fun.

From the age of ten you can do the Junior Scuba Diver or Open Water Course in order to obtain a beginner level diving license.
Scuba Ranger Programs are available in half day, full day or two day activities

Half day: In this program, kids can play a number of both land and underwater based games and learn a few basic scuba skills. This program is designed to simply give kids a chance to try breathing and moving underwater.

Full day: Our full day program is the first step to becoming a Scuba Ranger! Here, kids will follow the Red Ranger and White Ranger activities learning snorkeling skills, swimming rescue skills, a number of scuba skills and of course, play a large number of games!

Two day: Our two day program will certify your child as a Scuba Ranger. During our two day program, kids will follow the Red Ranger and White Ranger activities (described above) and then progress onto the Blue Ranger and Silver Ranger activities before finally completing the Demo Ranger skills. In addition to the skills learnt from the full day program, kids will have a chance to learn more scuba skills, play more games, and even demonstrate their scuba skills to others! Depending on the Rangers ability it is then possible to go on an adventure in the sea but this is limited in depth and location.