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Dive Courses Gili Trawangan

Complete your Dive Courses Gili Trawangan with us and dive in a safe and fun environment under the guidance of our experienced dive instructors, dive masters and dive guides.

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We were a 5 Star Padi training facility for 8 years and in 2009 upgraded to become an SSI Diamond Instructor Training facility. We are the only dive center in the Lombok region with dual qualified instructors that can teach SSI dive courses from beginner to Instructor level as well as Padi dive courses.

SSI and Padi are the global leaders in the diving industry and their diver certification dive courses are recognised in every dive center worldwide. For more information see the diving courses summary below.

Our friendly and experienced team of Padi and SSI diving Instructors can be flexible with dive course duration and start dates to suit you. We have dive course materials available in English, Bahasa Indonesia, Chinese, Dutch, German, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, French, Italian, Spanish and Finnish.

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Dive Courses Gili Trawangan

Scuba Ranger: Age 8-10, pool only
Try Dive: Age 10+, theory, pool session and 1 dive in the sea.

Scuba Diver: Age 10+. Duration 2 days. Max dive depth 12 meters
Open Water Diver: Age 10+. Duration 3-4 days. Max dive depth 18 meters
Speciality Courses: Age 15+. Duration 1-2 days per speciality. Max 30m
Advanced Course: Age 12+. Duration 2-3 days. Max Dive Depth 30m
Rescue Diver: Age 15+. Duration 4 days.
First Aid Course: Duration ½ day

Digital Photography: Age 10+. Duration 1-2 days

Nitrox Diver: Age 15+. Duration 2 days.

Green Sea Turtle

Professional Qualifications:

Dive Master: Age 18+. Duration 4 weeks+, unlimited diving

Instructor Training Courses: Age 18+ Duration variable. We offer the full compliment of SSI instructor training courses whether you want to become an instructor or take a professional crossover to change from another agency.


Technical Training Courses: NEW! we now offer a wide variety of tech courses.

Free Diving: A variety of breath hold, Apnea, freediving courses, conducted by a professional freediving instructor.

Scuba tune up: Age 10+. Duration ½ day, if it's been 6 months since your last dive it's a good idea to refresh your skills in the swimming pool before going for a dive in the sea.