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Free Online Training

It is now possible to complete the academic training before you leave home, significantly reducing the time you´ll need to spend in the classroom while completing your Open Water level certification at Manta Dive.

You will of course still need to watch the academic training DVDs, answer some questions, and participate in the theory sessions with one of our Instructors. However you won´t have to spend any time reading the book as you will already have completed this part of the course online.

Once you have registered online (see our guide to registration below) we will be able to monitor your progress as you complete each section. If you have any problems using this system or if you have any questions just send us an email and one of our Instructors will reply with a detailed explanation.

For Online registration click here (it will open in a separate window so you can still switch back to this window if you need further assistance)

1. At the bottom of the page, ´Click here to enroll now´

2. Fill in your details and email address.

3. Tick the box ´Yes i have read the terms and conditions....´and click on ´Get Login Data´, you will immediately receive an email with your login, password and the a link to the login page.

4. Open the link emailed to you, save this page in your favourites, fill in your login information(you will need this every time you login so save it somewhere you won´t forget). Then click ´Login´.

5. Now you need to ´sign in´. Fill in your details and click ´Save´. Now you can get on with your training.

6. Once you've successfully registered and started the online training you´ll need to affiliate with our dive center so we can monitor your progress. Once you´ve done this just send us an email so we can check it was successful and we can see how you´re doing.

Good luck and remember if you have any questions you can contact us by email.