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5 Top Underwater Spots for Instagram Photos in the Gili Islands

On 26/05/2018 by Roza Tsvetkova

Have you been searching for paradise on earth? Well, look no further than the Gili islands! This archipelago of 3 tiny islands – Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno and Gili Air – is located near the coast of northwest Lombok Island, Indonesia. Here you’ll find idyllic beaches, crystal clear water and tons of activities to make you smile and enjoy your vacation. Read on to find the perfect places for Instagram photos in the Gili Islands.

The Gili islands are also a popular destination for scuba diving. Meet members of the vast turtle population, swim with sharks, laugh alongside moray eels and make tons of new friends underwater. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never dived before or are a professional diver – the marine life here offers adventures for everyone.

But what happens underwater in the Gili islands definitely stays on Instagram! Here is the ultimate guide to Gilis’ most magical underwater Insta-spots so that you can share them with your buddies across the world and look totally cool doing so.

The Ultimate World Traveler - #oceanman

Manta Dive James Bond

Hop on a bike underwater and show your adventurous spirit on Instagram! You can find this underwater scooter just a short swim from the shore in front of the restaurant Ombak on Gili Trawangan. The spot is totally accessible via snorkelling and freediving and offers a lot of fun and opportunities to show off your new bikini. Or your new suit. Your choice.

Location: The beachside in front of restaurant Ombak | GiliTrawangan

Depth: 3m 

The Romantic Adventurer - #oceanlove

Meno Statues

Are you looking for an artistic experience underwater? Check out the inspiring set of dramatic statues underwater next to the dive site Meno Slope on Gili Meno. It is breathtaking in photos and in person, so don’t miss the chance to visit it either by freediving, snorkelling or scuba diving. It is easily accessible, being located just 3m below the surface. Grab your camera and good mood and dive in a romantic underwater dance with the statues.

Location: next to dive site Meno Slope | Gili Meno

Depth: 3m

The turtle bro - #scubadiving

Turtle Bommie at Hanns Reef

If you want to get the best selfie with a turtle you should definitely visit the Turtle Bommie at Hann’s Reef dive site near Gili Air. This site is just off the east of Gili Air and it’s suitable for all levels. Just slowly approach a turtle and VOGUE...strike a pose.

Location: Turtle Bommie at Hann’s Reef dive site | Gili Air

Depth: 12m

Dancing with the sharks - #sharkdance

Dancing with sharks

Show how brave you are by inviting a white tip reef shark (juvenile or a baby) for a photo. That would create the ultimate Insta buzz, right? Plus, you’ll be able to prove that sharks are friends, not something to be feared! You can find those fellows by scuba diving at the Shark Cave at Shark point near Gili Trawangan. Are you ready to make some new sharky friends? Let’s go!

Location: Shark Cave at Shark point dive site | Gili Trawangan

Depth: 20m

Save Nemo - #nemo


Do you want to share a special moment with the cutie Nemo? Find him at the Pinnacle at Turtle Point next to Gili Trawangan. This is the perfect dive site to encounter not only anemonefish like Nemo, but also beautiful green sea turtles and octopuses. Ready for the challenge? Quick tip - you will always find Nemo hanging out with his buddies at the best SPA: the coral - anemone. "With fronds like these who needs anemones" :)

Location: Pinnacle at Turtle Point | Gili Trawangan

Depth: 10-18m 

So where will you go first? Don’t forget your smile, good mood and let’s go diving together! There are so many other beautiful places which we would be happy to show you. Come visit us and stay in touch via on Facebook and Instagram.


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